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At Website Wayfarer, we simplify the website process, providing tools and resources to guide burnt-out and busy entrepreneurs so you can focus on exploring the world and not your website.

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We help adventurous entrepreneurs navigate the uncharted territory of website technology and take back their free time.

At Website Wayfarer we provide education and resources to help you navigate the DIY website waters without feeling like you’re drowning. We help adventurous and ambitious entrepreneurs push the boundaries to get to where you want to go no matter how turbulent your trek has been. Because business success has no borders.

Does this sound familiar? You became an entrepreneur for freedom and flexibility but more often than not, you find yourself tied to your laptop trying to do all the things. We provide precise navigation on all things website-related so you’ll be free to spend more time out of office, enjoying that ever elusive work/life balance that you crave.

Your road to website freedom

Designed for adventurous and ambitious entrepreneurs

There are a million different ways you could launch your website, the hardest part is knowing which path to take. It’s time to trade in the website overwhelm and ‘standard’ website experience for something extraordinary – and we’re here to help you do just that.

Take your business in a new direction and escape the DIY confusion to go on your very own custom-crafted adventure. Learn how to put your website on auto-pilot with Website Wayfarer. If you can book a plane ticket, you can launch your website in less time than your next layover.


Your Digital Navigator Michelle


Simplifying the traditional website process, with tools, education and resources

Launching or growing your website should feel like sitting on a beach in Tahiti soaking up the sun, not scaling Mt. Everest in an avalanche. I’m Michelle, a travel and technology obsessed web designer and I’m here to show you there’s a different way. My goal with Website Wayfarer is to help you expertly navigate the ever-changing landscape of website technology and get back to the freedom of running your business.

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way·​far·​er | \ ˈwā-ˌfer-ər

a traveler especially on foot, a person who travels from place to place usually by walking

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