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Send your website woes packing and rest assured that all of your needs are met. The Passport offers inspiration, education and resources for adventurous entrepreneurs who want to take back their freedom and chart a course towards achieving their business goals.

We’re passionate about sharing insider knowledge of web design and helping you discover ways to save time and energy while running your business so you can explore the world around you and widen your website horizons.

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Simplifying the traditional website process, with tools, education and resources

Launching or growing your website should feel like sitting on a beach in Tahiti soaking up the sun, not scaling Mt. Everest in an avalanche. I’m Michelle, a travel and technology obsessed web designer and I’m here to show you there’s a different way. My goal with Website Wayfarer is to help you expertly navigate the ever-changing landscape of website technology and get back to the freedom of running your business.


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